Continuing Professional Development with Coaching

Continuing Professional Development with Coaching

Getting a degree after completing the years and stages of education and then settling down in a job – is that enough to build a career in this day and age in Australia? Going down that conventional path might get you a job. However, for consistent growth and success, you need more. It’s essential to focus on continued professional development, honing the skills in demand to ensure the scalability of your career. Existing corporate employees or aspirants can embark on a fulfilling journey of professional development by undertaking team coaching training in Australia. How does that impact your career and boost your professional growth? Let’s explore!

Why Invest in Professional Development?

Professional courses allow you to learn and imbibe a specialized set of skills, helping in the holistic growth of your career. These usually involve enrolling in vocational training programs like team coaching training, relating to a particular industry, like the coaching industry.

You can start enrolling in such courses right after completing University. Even professionals with years of experience in corporate can benefit from enrolling in such career courses. According to experts, investing in a course that drives professional development is the best form of investment with assured ROI. Why?

  • It helps you earn status in a specific field (like coaching through certification and credentialing). On completion, you get certified, gaining a place within a specialized professional community as a recognized professional.
  • Continued professional development helps you stay up to date with the current trend and demands of the job market.
  • Specialized courses for professional development help you diversify your career path, scaling growth as you progress.

Why Choose Team Coaching Training?

You might be thinking, why team coaching training in Australia, out of all the career courses? Any professional can undertake team coaching training. It does not require special knowledge or expertise in a specific field like science, engineering, arts, etc. So, it is a win right there!

However, more importantly, this is also due to the increasing demand for team coaches in the corporate domain. Businesses today are run not by individuals but by teams in a cohesive environment. Most of us assume that team leaders and managers take care of the mother-load of the work. However, the right answer is, team leaders and managers drive their respective teams to goal achievement through guidance, coaching, and motivation. That’s why investment in coaching has increased in the corporate sector. Here are a few stats to corroborate that:

  • According to a survey by the Institute of Coaching, 80% of the coachees reported a boost in confidence, while 70% experienced an improvement in performance and productivity.
  • According to Forbes, globally, one out of six entrepreneurs resort to coaching for success.
  • UPS reports that 88% of the entrepreneurs report having benefitted from a coach.
  • According to ICF, a survey conducted amongst 100 corporate employees showed that the ROI was 6 times the investment in coaching.

If you are already a manager, becoming a team coach can drive your professional development to the next level. It will not only help your growth but of your team too.

Wrapping Up!

To get started with team coaching training in Australia, you first need to enrol in an ICF accredited program under a reputed institute. It is the first step towards your professional development. As per the standard program, you will complete the specific coach training hours followed by practical sessions, culminating in a certificate and then credentials. You can advance further in your career as a team coach by clearing the levels one after another; continuing your development as a professional to become a Master Coach.

On a concluding note, if you are interested in becoming a team coach right away, check out the ICF accredited programs offered by Team Transformation. Book a consultation with their experts now for details on the courses.