Becoming Team Coach in Egypt

Becoming Team Coach in Egypt

The team coaching spectrum of Egypt has taken an entirely new twist. Nowadays, coaching isn’t just about professional training for a team to work together; it is about making collective efforts for attaining pragmatic goals. Team coaches are quite in the hype, which is why team coaching training in Egypt has become immensely popular. However, becoming a team coach isn’t as easy as it seems.

From selecting the best institute for coaching training to applying for certification, the process can be tricky. But, if you are wondering about becoming a team coach, here’s a comprehensive step-by-step guide for you!

Steps to become a team coach

If you want to create a change that can lead your business or teams towards efficiency and productivity, becoming a team coach is the answer. Seeking team coaching training in Egypt? Here are some steps that you can follow. Dive in!


Coaching education or coaching training is the first step. Multiple courses are offering Team Coaching, but the best ones are internationally accredited. For instance, a team coaching course with ICF or EMCC accreditation is more likely to benefit you than the ones without any accreditation. Team Transformation is ICF-accredited Team Coaching Certification Courses.

The experience and the credentials of the coach trainers also matter. Hence, make sure to look for these characteristics.


The next step is mentoring. Mentoring is not mandatory. However, depending on the course, you may be required to complete Mentoring to get the certification. Mentoring also helps you fulfill qualifications for international coaching credentials.

In mentoring, you work with a mentor coach on your coaching skills. It can last from 3 hours to 10 hours. These hours are usually divided into weekly or monthly sessions.


Similar to Mentoring, gaining Experience Hours is not mandatory. If you’re planning to get a credential, recording your experience hours can come in handy. Experience hours is the number of times you spend coaching.

However, you can start to coach right after completing your coaching training/education. Some professionals continue to coach along with mentoring to accumulate hours for credentialing.

Getting Credentials

If you’re serious about getting professional certification in coaching, then applying for an internationally recognized credential can be a game-changer. Depending on the accreditation of the course you complete, you can apply to more than one coaching body. ICF remains the top choice for credentials among coach practitioners.

Why Choose Team Transformation?

As a globally recognized institute, Team Transformation is a leading provider for team coaching training in Egypt. Team Transformation offers coach-specific training specifically for leaders and executives who want to coach teams and peers. At Team Transformation, you can get:

  • Structured training modules as per the global coaching standards set by ICF.
  • Different coaching pathways that fit your schedule and budget.
  • Experienced and award-winning trainers who have years of experience in team coaching.
  • One-on-one coaching for coaches with real-life simulations to aid them in understanding the coaching landscape.
  • Plenty of opportunities to practice coaching with peers in a safe learning environment.

Want to learn more about our team coaching training programs? Reach out now without any delay and find out how team coaching can benefit you at the enterprise forefront.