Becoming a Team Coach in Australia

Becoming a Team Coach in Australia

Over the years, with evolving social and organizational dynamics, the definition of a team and leader has gone through a landmark change. Today the leadership responsibilities are divided among the team members, each having a definitive role to play. This promotes a cohesive work culture, which, if lacking, can be fixed by team coaching. That’s why many professionals are training to become team coaches in Australia

Speaking from the coaching industry perspective, the past few years have seen significant growth in the number of corporate and team coaches worldwide. Since 2015, there has been a 15% increase in certified coaches across geographies, including Australia. More than 55% of the managers and executives use coaching skills to lead and guide the organizational teams. 

Acknowledging the growing demand for the coaching niche and the inquiries that people have regarding the same, we have offered a brief overview of team coaching.

The Need for Team Coaching

Why does an organization need team coaching? What does a team coach do? These are fair questions to seek an answer to before starting your journey as a team coach.

Team coaching facilitates and motivates individuals to maximize their potential and performance towards achieving common organizational goals. Professionals specializing in team coaching works with corporate teams conducting one-to-one and group sessions to let the leader and members understand the underlying issues and work on the same as a unit. The sessions help the teams to bond and function well as a unit.

In today’s corporate culture, organizations are run by teams rather than individuals, so the teams both individually and together should be in absolute sync for the organization to work smoothly. If there is a glitch, it can be identified and worked on by hiring a team coach in Australia 

Tips to Becoming a Team Coach

To become a team coach, you can enroll in coach training or a niche program to understand and learn the fundamental concepts of team coaching.

  • When choosing a coach training program, you should look for standard accreditations and pathways. ICF (International Coaching Federation) and EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) are widely coaching accreditations accepted globally among coach practitioners.
  • Though ICF and EMCC do not specifically certify you as a Team Coach, you can still opt for accredited programs by ICF or EMCC and then move towards Team Coaching specialization. There are Team Coaching programs that are ICF/EMCC accredited. You can directly go for such programs as well.
  • The training providers must be credentialed coach(es).
  • A team coach training program should have a practical approach, where you learn the concepts and apply them in real scenarios when working with corporate teams. The experience comes in handy post-certification, and practice enhances your skills.
  • A training institute that inducts fresh certified professionals into a community of practicing coaches enabling regular interactions can be of immense help.

Team Coaching Training in Australia

All points mentioned above are essential factors that you should consider when getting into a program that helps you become a team coach in Australia. In addition, choosing the right program and training institute is crucial to take off and flourish. On that note, you might want to check out the team coaching and other training programs offered by Team Transformation.

Team Transformation is a global organization offering team coaching certification courses and leadership development and executive coaching courses. Team Transformation can be the best place to be a team coach in Australia and gain world-class training and certifications.