Acc to Pcc: Getting Pcc as a Team Coach

Acc to Pcc: Getting Pcc as a Team Coach

Organizations are warming up to the idea of hiring professional coaches to train their teams. With the organizations inclining towards bringing coaching for their employees, more professionals are looking up to team coaching to expand their skillset. If you are interested in becoming ICF PCC in UAE, this is the perfect guide for you. 

Learning About Icf’s Team Coaching Competencies:

If you’re already an ICF-ACC or undergoing training, you probably are aware of ICF introducing team coaching competencies. The ICF has recently released a team coaching competency model which gives a clear idea about the traits of an ideal team coach. The ICF outlines eight competencies a team coach should exhibit. You can find more details on our ICF Team Coaching Competency blog.

Team Transformation’s Master Coach training program can be the best option to go from ICF-ACC to ICF PCC in the UAE as a team coach. Along with getting Team Transformation Professional Coach Certificate, you can also qualify for ICF Credential. 

Introducing Team Transformation’s Pcc Course:

Let’s focus on how you can get your training and certification to start a career as a team coach. Team Transformation offers ICF-accredited courses for aspiring team coaches. Team Transformation’s Master Coach Certification Course is a complete 125 hours ICF-ACTP for team coaching. If you’re already an ACC, you can also go for the Professional Coach Certification. Here are some highlights from Team Transformation’s 6-day long PCC course:

  • Course Modules: There are two modules in the course. Module 1 focuses on teaching you the fundamentals of team coaching and the practical application of your knowledge. Module 2 helps you understand team coaching tools and methodologies and how to use them during team coaching sessions. 
  • Course Instructors: You will get trained among professionals from various cultures. The course is taught by Team Transformation and ICF-certified team coaches with years of experience in the field. 
  • Course Delivery: All the classes are online, giving professionals the opportunity to expand their careers without boundary restrictions. If you are trying to become an ICF PCC in UAE, Team Transformation makes it possible. 
  • Course Duration Details: The six-day training comprises 60 hours of training workshop: 12 hours of assignment with 48 hours of face-to-face interactive training. The ten-day training is of 125 hours, conducted online.

To become a professional certified team coach, you need to complete your training, assignments, mentor coaching, and performance evaluation. The Master Coach Training program is best to start for ICF PCC credentialing. You can start your own coaching firm or apply to any leading company. A thousand avenues lie before you.

A Final Note:

The Middle East is catching up quite quickly in the sector of team coaching. As an ICF PCC in UAE, you can get a plethora of opportunities to have a successful and dynamic career as a team coach. Visit Team Transformation now to book a seat in the ICF-accredited PCC course.