6 Signs that Indicate your Company Needs Team Building

6 Signs that Indicate your Company Needs Team Building

Modern-day companies do not run on the old model of one entity leading the entire operation, while the others just follow orders. The rules of doing business have significantly changed in the past decade, where instead of one leader, there are multiple team leaders and executives in leadership positions. These entities work in cohesion, creating strategies and implementing the same to drive organizational advancement. Good teamwork is what makes or breaks an enterprise. Nevertheless, since teams are comprised of diverse individuals with contrasting thought-process, falling out of sync is a natural occurrence. That said, such gaps in team collaboration can be fixed through corporate team building activities.

What is Team Building Activities?

Team building activities are best conducted by coaching professionals who have the skill and experience as a team coach. Corporate team-building activities are designed to strengthen the work culture and create better interpersonal bonds among the members. The idea is to nurture an environment where each employee/team member respects the other, acknowledge the differences of opinions that they might have and share common objectives in favor of the organization.

The team coach may conduct group exercises or one-on-one sessions to encourage better sync between the members and neutralize any issues that might be there. Team building exercises are known to enhance both collective and individual performances. It evokes a unique combined understanding of self-awareness and respect for the other, which is the key to perfect teamwork.

What are the six signs that indicate that your Company needs Team Building?

The signs of non-cooperation within a team are easily detectable, providing you know where to look. Here are the six common signs that your company needs corporate team building activities:

  • Lack of collaboration
  • Team conflict
  • Frequent mistakes by team members
  • Lack of cooperation
  • Performance deterioration
  • Lack of Motivation in the team

1. Lack of Collaboration

Do you feel that the level of collaboration expected from your team is missing? Are there frequent instances of miscommunication or delay in project delivery? If your answer is yes to all, then those are the signs that there needs to be more collaboration within the team.

2. Team Conflict

Conflict is like cancer to team building and team spirit. If your team members keep squabbling with each other and seek mediation from the leader on a trivial matter, it’s time to call a corporate team coach.

3. Lack of Cooperation

Lack of cooperation is evident in regular behavior among the employees. If one or more members are not falling in sync with the others or are being left out of the critical conversations and work updates, they need some attention.

4. Performance Deterioration

Are teams able to meet the targets assigned to them? If the deterioration has been visible for some time, that’s a sure sign of work-imbalance.

5. Lack of Motivation within the Team

If your team shows signs of demotivation, lack of optimism while working, that is a negative aspect. Team coaches conduct joint and individual sessions with the team members to understand ‘what is causing the workflow gap?’ ‘What is the reason behind the member feeling demotivated?’ The team needs to understand the cause of the problem, and coaching professionals support them to identify, address, and solve the problem.

6.  Frequent mistakes by the team

Has a particular team being making frequent mistakes in the assigned work? If yes, then that might be a sign of a crack in the team binding. A cohesive team does not let anything fall through the cracks. Mistakes are normal; frequent mistakes of identical nature depict a lack of interest in rectifying the same. This is usually the manifestation of some kind of tension within the team. Coaches can help the members identify it and work towards mending the issue.


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