3 Must-Ask Questions before Choosing Coach Training Course

m Coaching Certification Course can upskill you both personally and professionally. As coach training is a substantial investment in terms of time, money, and effort, it is worth doing homework before choosing a coach training institute and program. Employees who fail to recognize team and organizational objectives or lack in leadership and communication skills tend to deliver poor performance, which ultimately harms an organization in terms of work culture, collaboration, and reputation. In contrast, when a coaching culture is cultivated within an organization, employees are better positioned to strengthen their competencies and maximize their performance individually and collectively.

Here are the three questions you must ask while searching for the best team coaching certification course.

Is the coach training program accredited?

Getting enrolled in an accredited coach training program helps you understand the standards of the coaching world. It let you know that you are getting a professional service. It also means they are professionally trained, qualified, experienced, and above all, accredited to coach. ICF, EMCC, and CCE are the largest coaching bodies in the world.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is a global, highly-recognized coaching body that provides accreditation to coaching certification programs and coaches based on specific guidelines. It offers the three ICF credentials: 1) ACC 2) PCC 3) MCC.

The European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) is a prominent coaching body that develops, promotes, and establishes standards for the best practices in mentoring and coaching across Europe and beyond. It provides European Individual Accreditation (EIA) to mentors and coaches who maintain a professional level based on the EMCC Competency Framework.

Continuing Coach Education (CCE) is a recognized coaching body that renews coaching credentials. A CCE approved training institute can provide training to those coaches who want to renew their coaching credentials.

All three coaching bodies hold their own, unique prestige in the coaching world. ICF is acceptable everywhere in the world, while EMCC is more prevalent in European countries. CCE is more popular in the USA. We encourage you to know about all these coaching bodies and check which one aligns with your goals.

Do their trainers have coaching credentials?

You should know the coaches you will be training with are credentialed or not. They can be ICF, EMCC or CCE accredited coaches. Getting training from a credentialed coach trainer means they have gone through the process that you are going to embark on.

Learning and training with credentialed coaches also mean that they have completed rigorous education and practice requirements providing legitimacy to their commitment to excellence in coaching. The coach trainer may be experienced, yet not having legit accreditation can be a concern if you’re opting for accreditation as the coach may not be able to guide you further.

Does the coach training institute provide mentoring? Do you have to pay extra for Mentoring?

Mentoring is an essential part of both EMCC and ICF Credentialing. And only a certified master coach can mentor you.

Check whether the institute will provide you with a mentor. Having a mentor will help you define and set realistic goals and benefit from their professional socialization and support. Many coach training institutes charge extra for mentoring. So, low prices on the surface can double once the mentoring charges are added separately.

Coach training is not a regulated profession. Thus, if the program doesn’t deliver what it should, it means your investment will yield no benefit. Therefore, it is better to ask questions and get clarity before you commit.

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