Professional Coaching Certification – Become a Certified Team Coach Master Coach Training Program

Team Transformation Master Coach

Become a Certified Team Transformation Master Coach with our globally renowned program

ICF Accredited (Under ACSTH pathway)

Course Summary

Course Duration10-Days
Course DeliveryOnline via Zoom
Course Language English
Lead Instructions ICF & Team Transformation Certified Coaches
FeeContact us

Course Outcome

Team Transformation is committed to transforming coaches into successful mentors and leaders. Our Certified Team Transformation Master Coach training program provides valuable team coaching insights and tools to work and practice as a Certified Team coach.

Our Certified Team Transformation Master Coach course equips you with the practical tools and methods to apply in your coaching, from raising awareness of the group process to enhancing collaborative performances. You will master to coach a wide range of teams, from junior to senior leadership teams. This course is highly beneficial for those who wish to master advanced team coaching competencies. With our professional coaching certification course in team coaching, leaders, managers, executives, and professionals can maximize their potential as leaders and coach their teams to achieve higher results.

Our complete Team Transformation Master Coach training program is an ICF-accredited program, giving you the opportunity to earn ICF-PCC Credential. Along with developing your own signature approach to team coaching, you will deepen your team training skills. You will gain confidence, skills, and tools to create retreat and team building programs in team coaching.

Course Details

The Team Transformation Master Coach course is 115 hours duration conducted over 10 (ten) days span. Our Certified Team Transformation Master Coach training is the cornerstone to learn organizational system dynamics. Our sessions are highly interactive and experiential. Although conducted online, it requires you to be active and engaging.

The assignments and activities are structured to learn effective process consultation methods and organizational behavior psychology. Along with practicing team coaching with your peers in a safe environment, you will also become a part of our global coaching community. The community gives you ample opportunities to connect, share, and practice coaching competencies. You will receive complete training materials, templates, tools, and resources, virtually to continue learning anytime and stay updated.

Module 1
This module introduces you to the core concepts of Team Coaching. Upon completing this course, you will gain comprehensive knowledge of what is Team Coaching, its applications, and the effectiveness of Team Coaching in the modern-day scenario. You will build on your existing coaching competencies with a grounding in transformation team coaching concepts. At the end of the course, you will learn how to advance to the Team Transformation Master Coach, Facilitator, and Trainer.
Module 2
In this module, you get hands-on practice with the tools and methodology used in Team Coaching. Upon completing this program, you become better equipped to Lead, Follow, Work, and Collaborate effectively with teams. You will get ample opportunities to practice and deepen the team coaching skills acquired by working with complex and challenging team dynamics.
Module 3
In the last module of our signature course, you will master team training and team coaching skills. Along with learning facilitation and co-facilitation with course peer members, the module also helps you to engage team members in more meaningful and developmental experiences.
Our assignments and activities help you reflect your learning instantly in a safe, productive environment. Along with other assignments, you will also create a Team Coaching program, including training on a topic of choice for team facilitation.
Upon completing the entire course successfully, you will receive the Team Transformation Master Coach certificate. You will also be awarded 115 ICF coach training hours under the ACSTH pathway. You can also enroll in our Fourth Module (Mentoring & Credentialing) to be eligible for ICF Credentialing under the ACTP pathway.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Refund Policy: There is no refund and the fee is non-transferrable on canceling any of the Team Transformation courses.

Visa Refusal refund policy: When traveling from outside the country where the course is conducted, please allow sufficient time before starting your visa application procedure. Team Transformation is unable to sponsor student residence visas. If you are unable to obtain the visa, we will provide a full refund of the fees. To make the refund, we will require a copy of your application and your notification of your visa rejection. Please note that if we are informed of a visa application refusal less than 29 days before the start of the course, you will incur a 250 USD administration fee.

About Us

Team Transformation is a globally-recognized coach training institution, building a universal network of certified coaches with a commitment to deliver the highest standard of coach training.

We help you achieve your professional goals through our extensive workshops and fully interactive online training programs. Our advanced Certified Team Transformation Coach programs not only help you master coaching skills in your niche but also gives you tools to create your own coaching style.

As part of the continuing professional development, we support our team coaches to sharpen their skills after completing the training. Our programs are synergistic, practical in nature, creating numerous sustainable results to help you develop as a professional Certified Team Transformation Master Coach.

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